Packaging licensing
in France

Packaging licensing
in France

We offer digital solutions that make it easy for you to meet your legal EPR obligations regarding package licensing.

EPR compliance support – no knowledge necessary

Full online service – from sign-up to declaration

Exact charging – refund after final declaration for amounts lower than forecasted

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In order to meet your obligations as a marketer or producer, you can either set up your own system and take care of the disposal of all the packaging of your products yourself. An easy alternative is to delegate your responsibility as a producer by joining a nationally accredited eco-organisation such as our partner Léko.

Easy and affordable for small businesses

The dynamic billing model allows also small businesses – with less than 20,000 CSUs sold –
to become EPR compliant by simply paying a yearly flat-fee.

Simple online solution

The complete process from sign-up to the declaration process takes place 100 % online. MyLéko offers you an overview of your
entire contract and declaration data.

Full EPR compliance service

No further knowledge or action needed. You provide your company and product data, the service includes everything that is needed to make your
business EPR compliant.

Direct or indirect contracting possible

Whether you are a producer or an agent handling multiple producers: The solution supports both accessing your own data as well as managing your
contracted producers via our platform.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ feature EPR Compliance FR

EPR France

How to be EPR compliant in France?

To be EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) compliant in France, you need to register at a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) to obtain your Unique Identification Number(s) (UINs). After the registration, the …

FAQ feature EPR Compliance FR

EPR France

What is the legal basis for EPR regulations in France?

The legal basis for EPR regulations in France is the Code de l’environnement and the AGEC law.

FAQ feature EPR Compliance FR

EPR France

Why is it important to be EPR compliant in France?

In many countries, producers of products subject to EPR requirements will be prosecuted with fines, if they are not able to prove their EPR compliance. In many countries, Electronic Marketplaces …