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If you run an e-commerce business within the borders of the EU, you will have to consider many different regulations and obligations. Some of those regulations have their origins in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). As an entrepreneur, it is very complicated for you to keep track of every regulation and legal development that is relevant to your business. Especially if you are active in more than one country market and distribute your products internationally.

Your individual EPR compliance check gives you an overview of your obligations

With our EPR compliance check, you can now learn about the basic requirements in the country markets you are distributing your products to – easy, fast, and from anywhere online. 

Simply enter the required information and you will receive our report via email or will be connected with an expert from within our group of companies for further consulting.

We will then provide you with detailed insights into your EPR obligations for packaging in Europe, to give you a comprehensive overview of which regulations you need to consider.

It is very important that you deal with your obligations. Because if you do not fulfill the requirements to which you are subject, you risk considerable sanctions. Read more about possible consequences, when not following EPR regulations.

It will become increasingly important in the future as more and more potentially relevant requirements are added on international markets. The principle of Extended Producer Responsibility already applies in many countries and European directives such as the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) may bring further complexity for manufacturers and retailers.

In times when climate change and pollution are among the biggest challenges for our planet, those regulations are important tools to keep valuable resources in the cycle. Only then we can ensure a functioning circular economy.

How to use the EPR compliance check for your e-commerce business

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to use the EPR compliance check:

  1.  Access our digital EPR compliance check with just one click: Get started.
  2. Select your target group. Specify whether you sell your products to B2C customers, B2B customers, or both customer groups.
  3. Select the countries in which you sell your products at a distance. Distance selling refers to the sale of goods and services by entrepreneurs to consumers without direct contact between the contracting parties, e.g. sale by phone or internet.
  4. Choose the details of your business. In the next step, you must enter further information, such as whether you have your own company headquarters in the previously selected countries or how much turnover you expect in the selected countries.
  5.  Pay and download your report. Based on the information you provided in the previous steps, we will create your individual basic EPR report and deliver it right to your digital mailbox. Please note that, depending on the options selected, you may first be given a direct discussion with an expert from our group of companies. You will then receive our extended report with detailed information regarding your individual situation.

Know your EPR requirements – easy, fast and cost-effective 

With minimum effort, you will receive valuable information regarding your EPR obligations in different international countries.

On top of that, the EPR compliance check is very cost-effective. For just €29 per country (price may vary for extended reports), we provide you with a comprehensive overview of your obligations and tailor-made recommendations to help you fully comply with packaging legislation.

Get started now and make sure your business fulfills all compliance requirements in the field of EPR.

Please note, that SynoptiCons Deutschland GmbH will make no warranty (either explicit or implicit) and will accept no liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, and usefulness of the information mentioned in the report. Liability for demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent fault is excluded from this. The statements made in our reports correspond to our current state of knowledge, based on current market developments. The information contained in the reports is subject to change at any time and merely reflects the situation at the time. The report is not updated automatically.

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